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Budget Gardens in January

Not a good time of year for working on budget gardens except to say that if you want to buy large pots or containers then the January Sale is probably a good place to start.

As the weather and season improves toward the end of the month, you will see appearing cheap pots of bulbs. These are worth buying and simply plunging into the new tubs or containers just to make an impact.

Because these are already in pots, you won’t need much depth of soil in your containers.

The best way is to half fill your pots or containers with lumps of polystyrene packing, then cover with a layer of soil. Knock out your pots of bulbs which are just about to flower and plant them in the pots or containers for instant impact.

After they have flowered, remove them, separate the bulbs individually and plant them in the garden for next year.

If your budget is really tight, why not look at the garden centre for any pots of unsold bulbs which are starting to die down – they will only skip them, but they will be ideal in your garden for next year.

A good tip for budget gardens is not to buy plants just because they are cheap – think about what you are doing.

We may be on a budget but we don’t want to live in a jungle.

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