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Budget Gardens in April

If you want some permanent planting in your borders then now is a perfect time to obtain some plant material free of charge.

Find some neighbours or friends who have good collection of these plants and ask them for some cuttings. Herbaceous plants form dense matted clumps. All the new growth forms around the outside of the clump.

All you need do is take a long knife or long trowel and chop some bits off around the outside edges of the clump. Most of these bits will come away with some root attached.

Pot these bits up until they grow big enough to plant out which should only take a couple of weeks at this time of year. Remember, planting to make a group of three of each plant makes the best impact.

Seed sowing outside can be done in earnest now. Seed of herbaceous plants can be bought and sown, but for added impact think about sowing some half hardy annuals which will give colour throughout the year.

Depending on how cold the nights are you may have to cover young seedlings with ‘fleece’ or some other type of frost protection material, but generally they should be strong enough to withstand fairly cold temperatures.

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