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Budget Gardens in February

A new year, an even tighter budget, but we still need to press on with some permanent planting for our gardens.

Easy shrubs such as Forsythia, Cornus (dogwood) and Buddleja (butterfly bush) can still be easily propagated this month using a very old-fashioned and easy method.

Cut some bare stems off the above mentioned shrubs about 8-10 inches (20-25cm) long and tie them in bundles of five. Then put these bundles into a jar or vase of water just as you would with a bunch of flowers.

After about a month you will notice small white roots appearing. Keep water topped up until by the time we get to March or early April they will be ready to be planted out in the garden and will make fine young plants by Autumn.

By this time you will be able to see which cuttings will make the best plants to plant in your garden - the rest you could sell to your friends or swap them for something else. What about swapping them for some snowdrops?

Snowdrops will still be flowering this month but starting to ‘go over’. This is the best time to re-establish these plants in your garden, when they are ‘in the green’.

Dig up a small clump and separate the bulbs into groups of five. Then replant each group about 6 inches (15cm) apart in a random fashion. At first they will look awful, then they will die off and go to sleep until next winter.

Then by January you will be so pleased with how clever your planting has been, not to mention your great negotiating skills which helped you acquire them in the first place!

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