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City Gardens in January

This is a great time of year to find the photographs you took through the last summer of the different areas of your garden and decide what you will do this year.

Keeping in mind there are many events for this year including the Olypmics and the Jubilee so maybe that’s a thought.

I noticed the other day that lots of the year’s catalogues are promoting red, white and blue plants.

For those of us old enough we would recall that at one time you hardly even saw a garden without beds of geraniums, red of course, edged with alternate blue lobelia and white alyssum.

However back to the photographs. Maybe you have some ideas to change the design or planting of your garden.

Obviously this can be hard to envisage even if you were to tweak it on the computer.

Before you dash out to buy some plants – particularly shrubs or trees, do some research to find out how big these plants will ultimately grow. Then get some sticks or canes, cut them to the size the plants will grow.

Then go out, stick the canes in the garden in the position the plant is going to be and drape over the canes some material or binbags to give you an idea of the bulk size of the plant.

Keep looking at it through the window to see if that is the right place for the proposed plant – should it be moved around a bit?

At the end of the day you might decide it’s not right anyway, finally deciding against it.

Then think of the money you have saved and the fun you have had with a few sticks and a bin bag.

Hate to think what the neighbours would have made of it all!

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