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City Gardens in April

It’s time now to maybe look at bedding plants and shrubs to fill up the gaps.

Most plants we buy will probably be in containers. Whatever we buy it’s best before purchasing to examine the root system. Knock the plant out of the pot. The roots should be white not brown.

White roots are healthy, brown roots are dead or dying, usually as a result of the pots being dried out at some stage or simply being in the pot too long. In addition make sure the plant has plenty of root and that you are not buying a plant that has been recently potted into a massive container of soil just to put the price up.

In the border why not try a mixture of flowering plants, shrubs and vegetables. Swiss chard is a great vegetable for summer but the Rainbow chard can show up as really colourful foliage in the border.

Likewise some of the beetroots with blood red leaves are ideal to add a different dimension to the texture of the border. Kohlrabi is another unusual looking plant which is a great talking point with its sputnik type foliage. Seeds of these can be planted in pots and planted out by the end of the month. Whatever vegetable plants you grow in the border, make a statement by planting in groups of three.

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