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City Gardens in February

I have always enjoyed the small corners of interest often found in city gardens.

It’s true to say that in line with this most people want these small areas to contain all year round interest. Well the good news is that heathers are back in fashion.

Heathers come in all sizes, colours and shapes. They also have the advantage of flowering all year depending on the variety and stay compact. So from the majestic ‘tree heathers’ to the tiny, brilliantly coloured ‘Spring Torch’, each one has a character of its own.

In addition to the flower there are green-leaved varieties and wonderful gold coloured foliage which all make the area designated to them even more outstanding.

So if you are interested in growing these plants, why not set an area aside for a small ‘rockery’.

Just a word of advice though regarding this. Try to make rock areas as natural looking as possible. It was in fact the great rock plant collector Reginald Farrar who warned against the cardinal sins often committed by the amateur rock garden builder. He described three types of badly built rockeries as firstly ‘The Dog’s Grave’, secondly ‘The Christmas Pudding’ and the third one ‘The Drunkard’s Dream’ - you have been warned!

If you have now decided against a rock garden then perhaps a small area for growing culinary herbs might be the one for you. If so remember there is nothing quite like fresh rosemary with lamb and the like.

However always try to use an area for herbs near to the kitchen door. I could never understand having to go to the bottom of the garden on a dark winters night for a sprig of a certain herb - that scenario should definitely be left to witches!

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