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Courtyards in january

I love courtyards – sun traps, easy to keep clean, great walls – or are they?

The good advantages of walled courtyards can be outweighed depending on the weather.

If the weather becomes severe with heavy frosts, plants need air movement to prevent the frost from just continually ‘burning’ through the plants. Good air circulation can prevent this.

So what can be done?

Plants in pots, particularly plastic pots suffer from root damage if it gets really cold so maybe some bubble wrap around the pot itself would help.

Terracotta pots, providing they are frost resistant are much warmer as they are clay, even so some bubble wrap around the pot might prevent frost damage.

Something else to remember is if we have any snow it does need to be brushed off big plants to prevent damage: either by the snow freezing or the weight of snow breaking the branches.

Often the question arises ‘Should I wrap my plants up?’

My answer would be no. I think there was more damage last year by plants being wrapped and not allowing the air to circulate around them.

The only time covering plants up is effective is if you could dash out when frost was due, cover up the plants, then take the cover off just before the frost thaws out. Obviously a job for the Garden Boy – sadly, you just can’t get the staff these days.

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