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Courtyard Gardens in April

The courtyard comes into its own at the turn of the year, particularly spring.

A little bit of sunshine soon puts up the temperature. Think then about obtaining or growing a few tomatoes in pots just to enjoy the freshness of a real tomato.

There are lots of good varieties about as well as a variety of colours of fruit from dark brown to striped yellow. Use good sized pots with soil based compost which will hold a good amount of water and feed.

Tomatoes are gross feeders so it may be possible to set up a small irrigation system to water them automatically - a great idea for when you go on holiday!

Thinking about tomatoes in salads and the like, it may be a good opportunity to plant some herbs in pots, particularly the shrubby ones such as rosemary which will give off the oily scent we associate with the Med and our last holiday!

Try to grow herbs which you know you will use, that way constant cutting keeps them young and stops them going woody.

Herbs can easily be grown from seed so they are not too expensive to produce. If all your friends get together and grow a few different varieties each, you will be able to swap and exchange plants, making better use of resources.

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