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Courtyards in March

You may be tempted to put out some new pots or boxes in the courtyard this year.

There are so many containers to choose from at garden centres. I am from the ‘old school’ and still prefer terracotta pots.

If you buy any of these pots, just remember that they are made of clay and as such have been fired in a kiln which means they will be completely dried out.

If you plant straight into these you will be continually watering these things forever. So if possible soak them before you use them. Try putting them in a water butt overnight. Once they have been re- soaked you will never have to do this again.

After this you can plant your plants with confidence. Another thing to remember is to ensure that whatever container you use has good drainage.

It’s also a good idea to add some broken pot to the bottom of these pots before you put in the compost.

If you are using window boxes then again make sure that the box has plenty of drainage and that it stands on a couple of wooden blocks to assist the drainage. Also make sure the boxes are secure on the window sill.

Now would be a good time to think about planting summer bulbs in the containers. I enjoy Gladioli in containers, there are some superb varieties including green flowered ones such as ‘Green Woodpecker’.

They need to be planted about six inches deep and about three inches apart. Gladioli are great value for money and require little effort to give an impressive result.

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